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We are a general automotive repair shop. We service most makes and models of cars, light duty trucks and SUV's. We perform vehicle maintenance service and routine repair services.

Maintenance Services 
No one likes having a breakdown. When we perform your 4,000 or 5,000 mile maintenance service, we check over your fluids, tires, brakes, engine cooling system, filters, and suspension for any visible signs or problems. 
Did you know? The correct oil type, viscosity AND OEM recommended service intervals are necessary to keep your vehicle running properly and for fuel economy. A good oil filter is also part of the service. Did you know? An oil change service is the most cost effective way to make your vehicle last longer.
Air Conditioning

The air conditioner and heater system is designed to keep you comfortable inside your vehicle. If either part of the system or if the engine coolant system is not working properly, this may affect your comfort level. Did you know? A lot of today's vehicles also have cabin air filters which require replacement at least yearly. A plugged cabin air filter can restrict the air coming out the vents. If a system is a little low on freon, the correct coolant, a fan not working or a faulty temperature or mode door actuator this will affect the operation. We have the necessary tools and equipment to properly service your vehicle.

Watching your gas mileage is one way to know if your vehicle is due for a tuneup. Did you know? Changing your oil on a regular maintenance schedule also affects the running. Today's technology includes valves or solenoids that use the oil to change or adjust the timing of the engine. This will also affect the running and fuel economy. Most of today's vehicles will go between 80,000 - 120,000 miles before the spark plugs may require replacement. Ignition coils, plug wires or plug boots are other wear items that require replacement to keep a vehicle running properly. These other items may not last as long as the plugs. A leaking valve cover gasket may also leak oil into a spark plug tube causing a misfire. Additional diagnostic test may be required to ensure your vehicle is performing as designed.
Suspension / Shock / Strut Replacement

Did you know? A worn suspension or worn shocks and struts not only affect your vehicles handling but also braking, steering and tire wear. Did you know? The technology on today's vehicles may trigger a traction control, stabilatrac, ABS or check engine light on. We can check for excessive wear, worn steering and suspension components. A worn or leaking shock and strut may also show signs or leaking fluid.

Lastly, the technology on today's vehicles require a matched set of tires. Even though the tire size may be the same, the tread pattern or actual diameter may be different. the technology on your vehicle doesn't know its a different tire ,it just knows something is not the same on the readings between wheels.


Brakes are a safety item. Brake pads and rotors are wear items, meaning they are designed to wear and need replacement. Did you know? With all the technology on today's vehicles, the brake system can help stop you from a spin, determine which direction you were going, and apply the brakes to each wheel as the computers determine is needed. A set of matching tires is also an essential part of the braking system. There is much more to a brake system than just pads, shoes, rotors, and drums. The proper brake fluid, the hydraulics system, brake slides, guide pins, and retainer clips all have to be checked, cleaned and/or lubed. As a Certified Brake Technician, Jeff will ensure your vehicle's brake system will be properly serviced when required.


The check engine light can be one of the most misunderstood and disturbing light on your instrument panel. Did you know? A check engine light can be solid, blinking or change to red. The light on can mean a problem with the Emissions system or powertrain (engine). While not an emergency, the reason does need to be addressed. A blinking light means the causing damage to the catalytic converter. A situation of a blinking brings urgency to having the vehicle checked. If a check engine light turns RED, stop your vehicle, turn off the engine, contact the shop or have a wrecker tow your vehicle. A loose gas cap, emission leak or worn spark plugs can trigger the check engine light. A proper diagnostic may include a smoke test, reviewing data testing sensors. Call the shop to see if a quick visit or appointment is recommended.


A properly operating cooling system allows your engine to warmup and maintain the correct operating temperature. This allows the most efficient operation of your engine. The system also affects the cooling of the transmission and air conditioning. Parts of the cooling system include the correct OEM recommended coolant, water pump, belts, tensioner, hoses, thermostat, cooling fans, radiator and engine shields. We stock over 10 types of OEM recommended coolants. We have the proper equipment to pressurize, test and evaluate your vehicle.


We offer pre purchase inspections of used vehicles. It seems like a no-brainer to have unbiased certified master technician to inspect a vehicle before you buy it. Did you know? The technology in today's vehicles may use between 10-20 computers or modules to operate all the systems. Our equipment allows us to perform a complete scan of these systems. We look over at the overall condition, check belt, hoses, brakes, tires, suspension, steering, undercarriage. Looking for signs of leak, wear, operation of windows, air conditioner. A check with CarFax to review reported maintenance and repairs. An informed consumer can make a better educated decision.


The tire pressure monitoring system on your vehicle is a federally mandated safety system. The light on your instrument panel may come on if a tire is low. A blinking light indicates a problem with the system. The sensors can have batteries that are not serviceable, the sensor must be replaced. Did you know? A low tire affects fuel mileage, handling, ride quality, tire wear. We use ATEQ TPMS equipment to check, program and reset TPMS system. We also check tire tread depth to advise on rotation, tire wear, and replacement. When tire replacement is required, we are a tire dealer with access to many different brands and road hazard warranty.

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